BlackBerry KEY2 64 GB Black

BlackBerry KEY2 64 GB Black
BlackBerry KEY2 64 GB Black
Now it is convenient to read from mobile phones!
Blackberry Key2 is a 2018 physical keyboard smartphone. In my opinion, there is a certain dissonance in this phrase, don’t you think? A separate article will be released about the device’s features and the position of Blackberry in the world, but for now I will confine myself to a brief wording. Key2 is a working tool, but not necessarily for managers. This is a great device for organizing incoming message streams from all kinds of programs (thanks to the Blackberry Hub), it keeps secrets perfectly (the Locker app is responsible for this), and it’s damn convenient to type on it (if you have the patience to learn).
In Russia, the device will face great difficulties, since the price of 49,990 rubles will be an obstacle for many. Little is known about Blackberry in Russia. And not everyone will dare to pay a significant amount for an unfamiliar brand. For the success of a company, it is necessary to actively promote its product and literally shove it into the hands of customers so that they understand what it is and how, because all the reviews and pictures on the Internet still do not give a complete understanding.
Whether you think that the physical keyboard in a smartphone in 2018 is an anachronism, or, conversely, you get annoyed typing text on a touch screen, I’m sure you won’t be able to challenge the statement that the smartphone is beautiful and unusual.
Usually, when describing the appearance of a modern phone, it is always unclear what to say. Glass front and back, maybe sometimes plastic, metal frame. It is especially difficult when you regularly review devices, as you get bored of repeating the same thing. But in general, there is still no difference. I remember how at the presentation of one smartphone they showed how wonderful and unusually it shimmers … In my hands, about the same (from a distance of a meter you cannot tell) Samsung was overflowing, from the side it seemed to be some kind of Huawei or Honor, or maybe Xiaomi or ASUS. And it was not interesting to find out. Recently, even the central button has disappeared, but the entertainment has been added to debate about the size of the “bangs”.
On the left side there is only a slot for 2 Nano-SIM cards, one of which can be replaced with a microSD card (up to 256 GB).
On the right side there is a large paired volume control button. Below is the power button, and below it is the so-called Convenience Key, or in Russian, the shortcut key. The power button is specially made ribbed so as not to confuse them. If it were made smooth, then such a close arrangement of the buttons would be written as a minus, since the finger tries to slip along the body below.
At the bottom there is a USB Type-C connector and a speaker.
The frame of the smartphone is made of 7000 series aluminum, and if, after making a maneuver, you enter the smartphone from the rear, you might wonder what exactly the rough textured back is made of. The correct answer is plastic. But with some kind of special rubberized coating. The thing is very good. During the entire test, the device never tried to slip out of the hands. By the way, the back cover is practically not subject to fingerprints. And if you do get dirty, then you just need to put it in your jeans pocket and pull it back out – it is very easy to clean.
Upstairs are two camera lenses, which, judging by the advertisements, Blackberry is very proud of. Nearby is a flashlight. And just below – the corporate logo.
The appearance of the smartphone is unusual. Especially for 2018. It can be written as a plus or as a minus, but Blackberry Key2 stands out very much against the background of other devices. Everyone is paying attention.
I like the device visually very much. Especially the dark version. Silver, in my opinion, lurid. But black looks monolithic and elegant.

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