Characteristics of oil filters.

In such a situation, the quality of filtration directly affects the stable operation of important vehicle units.


What is an oil filter.

The design of this part looks quite simple: it is a non-separable metal body, inside which a filter element is installed. Safety valves are also provided here. As a rule, there are only two of them. If the former reacts to excessive oil viscosity, for example, under subzero conditions, the latter helps to keep the right amount of oil in the element itself. Thanks to this, the liquid does not drain into the crankcase. Sometimes the oil filter may look like a replacement cartridge. It must be installed directly on the engine block.

Types of oil filters.

Among the entire range of filter elements, several main groups can be distinguished:

For mechanical cleaning (fine or coarse)

Provides a container that cleans the engine oil and then redirects it back to the power unit. At the same time, filters for fine cleaning are divided into two large groups: collapsible and one-piece disposable devices. It is also possible to classify these filter elements based on the type of material.

Gravity oil.

This filter is often referred to as a sump. Although not as popular, it is still used. The principle of its operation is simple: abrasive particles are collected in a special flask with a filter element. It is noteworthy that the oil flow rate decreases as it becomes dirty. As a result, dirt precipitates. This reservoir may require manual cleaning.

Centrifugal type.

This filter is considered one of the oldest. Previously, they were called centrifuges, since the centrifugal force in them replaced the gravitational one. Thus, dirt particles were collected not at the bottom, but on the walls of the filter element.


This filter is located next to the drain plug, which is located at the lowest point of the power unit. Thanks to the magnet, it is possible to collect all the metal debris in one place. It can be easily removed when replacing the filter.

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