Computer & IT Services in Bahir Dar

Computer & IT Services in Bahir Dar
Computer & IT Services in Bahir Dar

“The BSI is a registered NGO of a different party. It has jurisdiction over several areas in Bangladesh’s north-west and north-east and has also undertaken research activities. It is the third time this year that the NGO has sought a licence from the BSI for such research, including the recent release of information on ‘Tibetan-based NGO’ (TIBET) from its registered office in Firoz. “We are hoping that TIBET will finally have a place to continue its work by getting a licence to hold independent work.”

The website for the NGO, ‘Tibetan Society of Indian Women’, also lists BSI as an active member of the Indian Labour Organization and, in a recent statement, stated: “It seeks to provide ‘safe labour education for women’ and promotes ‘free housing, empowerment for women, and self-determination for women.”

According to an article in Indian Express, which cites a BSI spokesman, “The organisation is focused on improving labor mobility among young women and ensuring that their conditions are given priority over what in ‘traditional’ employment.”
The NGO’s website describes itself as a “social and religious advisory council for women” based on the “longstanding social and religious tradition in Bangladesh and has a wide range of beliefs.”

The website of the Indian Labour Conference, which promotes ‘women’s rights’ for women

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