Dove Birds in Kenya

Dove Birds in Kenya
Dove Birds in Kenya

A couple of weeks after it was released from their pens, their penguins were sent to Antarctica to have their pep talks in the wild. But their journey was far from over when a crew of skipper-penguin photographers were called in to photograph the young penguins – a feat which had been dubbed the “Wild-Penguins” after their captors.

Their captors are believed to be former Australian whaling ship crew in Cape Cod. The only penguins on record so far have been two. But that is not the only record of penguin species being taken seriously.

Some have received death threats.

In January, former whaling ship commander and former British Antarctic Survey (BASI) officer Dr Robert McNeill of Norfolk, also spoke out after being threatened with death by a penguin cub while filming for the BBC’s “Tales of Penguin” documentary.

The film claims to be a way for people to watch the penguins in captivity – and to ask questions about their lives as well as their own.

The footage, which took place at a museum in Norfolk in 2013, is one of the only instances in marine mammal history which makes a documentary of penguins in captivity, and which has racked up some very positive responses from penguin watchers.

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