Free classifieds in Sengwer

Free classifieds in Sengwer
Free classifieds in Sengwer

We understand that the Chinese government strongly supports an independent review of the constitution, and that Beijing will continue to actively explore other options to achieve an end to Taiwan’s legal status, including a recognition of sovereign statehood and an independent, comprehensive system of political government. This review process will need to move swiftly, not the slow death marches.

There is a certain extent of mistrust in the Chinese government’s approach to Taiwan, which we find distressing. There are numerous complaints to make at both public and privately, with some calling on the Chinese government to recognize the people’s right to self-determination and to continue to develop such an independent, sovereign country.

We are prepared to accept that the United States will continue to be an ally toward Taiwan as long as it maintains its own territorial integrity, but that should not preclude China from

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