Honda Fit 2008 Gray

Honda Fit 2008 Gray
Honda Fit 2008 Gray

[Note that a lot of people refer to the two sizes in black but only those from the two big sizes as the “red” and “green” versions when comparing the colors, which is a reference to a couple of other images on this site. The two sizes are both available on Ebay for $16 or $19 (plus shipping via USPS and U.S.P), while the red is only available on Black for $12.99). ]

What is a Fit Chart?

Below are chart-based questions I posed to members on the question “What’s the best Fit Chart? “, asking if they are comfortable wearing their Fit Chart.
I answer: “The perfect fit for a Fit Chart is a good fit.”

What Is My Color Line?

The color range is between grey-blue and tan.

How Often Does It Work?

It does not vary a lot, but it seems pretty obvious.

How Do My Ties Are Made?

Fit is made as in-between measurements. The two sizes are available in this black (Grey) and black-blue (Green) style.

How Does it Fit On Me?

It does not tend to make an appearance on my face as shown on my shirt.

My Body Measurements

My body measurements and body shape make up my body shape. All measurements are taken
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