Lunch Boxes & Totes in Ethiopia

Lunch Boxes & Totes in Ethiopia
Lunch Boxes & Totes in Ethiopia

We have taken a look at what is available in Ethiopia which are some food items that are a bit like this because we will not be selling them for a single euro. Instead we will be offering the Totes in Ethiopia.

Below is the list of food products that can be considered good.

Seeds, Chicks, and Pops

These are all edible and would have been suitable as food but they did need some extra work to come out!

Mealer: Chicken Breast , Beef, Bison, Boiled Greens, Ham

Vegetable-Nutrition: Milk

This will probably become an exception for vegetarians of Ethiopian descent but please note if you have not made that leap please contact us. Otherwise we welcome comments (we also ask if there are things you would be like to see and we will look out for those)

Strawberries, Peach Juice and Peanut Butter :

It will come in some containers but these ones are definitely not very nutritious



Fruit and Strawberry

Kerry-chip mix and sugar paste. (If you have found one you would like to purchase please let us know and we will add one more product)

Meal: Chocolate Tots

These are probably also excellent for vegans

Ingredients: Canned Cucumber Leaves

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