Nissan Tino

Nissan Tino.

Good time! I would like to share with you a review of my Nissan Tino, which I bought a year earlier. In one year, the car has proven to be reliable, massive and comfortable, with all that economical. In fact, I drove it a little more than 20,000 km and in cold, and in hot weather. undemanding to Russian roads and climate car, comfortable for the family, practically does not ask for repairs, not bad maneuverability, can carry outsized cargo, t.к. the backs of the rear seats can be quite lowered, and there is plenty of room in the back, like a medium-sized van, which, you must agree, is very comfortable. Year of manufacture – 2000, engine 1.6 liters, fuel consumption – eight liters on average. per 100 kilometers, left-hand drive, automatic transmission. Inside the Nissan Tino there are cup holders, 5 standard speakers and a huge number of other necessary devices. But I would like to mention that all the same starter and idle speed valve I had to change. But, serious configurations I have not made, both outside and inside. In general, I was satisfied with my car.

Pros: good maneuverability, comfort and requires virtually no maintenance.

Flaws: unreliable starter and idle valve.

Nissan Tino, two thousand years.

In three years the Nissan Tino has not caused any complaints. Capacity is just mind-boggling, pockets, drawers under the seats. Very funny maneuverability and agility, which is usually unique in minivans. Looked at the price of unique parts (car is practically twelve years) price is pleasantly amused. There is one drawback, low landing for such a high car. In summer, when driving around town with a fairly measured manner of driving (maximum 2,500 rpm, although I have a hard time) Nissan Tino consumes eleven liters. of fuel per 100 kilometres. If you put too much pressure on the gas pedal, it gets 12.5 л. of fuel per hundred miles. I want to point out that you can drive well with a variator at up to 2,500 rpm and not flounder with it all. This is one of its fascinating differences.

Pros: reliable, fast, cheap to run.

Disadvantages: they don’t make it anymore.

Nissan Tino, two thousand and one.

When I asked my friend to bring me a car from Belarus, I did not specify what kind (I took the money). When he called me and pronounced that he was racing a Nissan Tino, I’ll be honest, I was dumbfounded, as. к. I actually didn’t know that such a car existed. When we came to pick up, then fell in love (my wife and I) in it at first sight! Checked out, power of attorney, took the documents and headed home (at night). The car has a lot of room, ESSUIE-TOUT from French to English which we liked, compared to VAZ and Fiat Albea (my father has one). The seats are highest, you sit like in an SUV – high up. Visibility also appealed, despite the relatively wide pillar. The car runs smoothly, does not tilt to the side while turning (suspension stiff). Stable enough and swift, though, for its weight it was possible to put a little more engine. Transmission amused, transfers are crisp and virtually without difficulty, though the back sometimes does not work with the first time, but it is a design feature, and the manufacturer is aware of this. The Nissan Tino’s interior is a “transformer,” which is great. I love comfortable cars – this car is what you need! The trunk is great! Can hold anything. This car has already been written about a lot, so I will not list again.

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