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@fusion2m. I was very concerned about what this all did to your reputation. If I had to guess, I’d say the most important was that you gave all these messages to his political aide. — Dan Rather (@DanRather0) September 11, 2016

@fusion2m I guess it was probably something like, “Hey, when that was said to the political staff at the time, didn’t you know exactly what I was talking about when I actually gave them your emails?”

Maybe I will get to that a little bit, though… – 1 day ago

@fusion2m Yes I did the same thing about this person on multiple occasions. One of them told me his entire career was over because he decided to run for president, and he’s got nothing left to lose if it’s not stopped so he won’t be able to continue his life-long career. – 1 day ago

@fusion2m The people over at Fusion, who are supposedly working hand in hand with the Republican National Convention (which is very unprofessional), can’t do more than what Donald Trump can do to his reputation if he is elected president. Their decision to make him an advisor and possibly to run as an unethical candidate will not help it. – 1 day ago

@fusion2m He’d be an asshole if there were any of those other politicians who I would believe would do Page not found –

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