Sony 3D TVs Overview and Comparison

Sony 3D TVs. Overview and comparison of models.

At the beginning of two thousand thirteen years, 3D TVs Sony presented the model following series: KDL NX 720, KDL EX 720, KDL-HX753, KDL-HX853, KDL HX920, KDL HX 953. Similarities of all Sony 3D TVs The main thing that ties all Sony 3D TVs together is of course the ability to look surround video. The ability to play a great format gives the user a unique opportunity for one hundred percent immersed in watching a movie, to experience more feelings, to feel the “beauty”. Moreover, you can allow yourself to transform 2D images into 3D.

The feeling that you are a part of the events occurring on the display, increased to the same thanks to 3D Super Resolution, which allows you to increase the clarity of distant parts of the image. Sony uses active technology to produce great images. Glasses with this technology are synchronized with the TV and require repeated recharging. They are quite expensive and not all models are equipped with them.

Learn more about active and passive 3D technology in the article How 3D works in modern TVs.

More contrast, richer, more vibrant colors and more details. All of this is мейд possible with X-Reality and X-Reality Pro. Just in time for web-enabled TVs. Exactly thanks to the X-Reality and X-Reality Pro system now it became possible to make the quality of home video or video from the web better during viewing. The smart system analyzes the quality of content, and automatically approximates it to HD. The user just has to really enjoy watching.

Noise reduction feature eliminates screen flickering, 24p True Cinema development provides an unusual speed of playback, the system of big sound S-Force conveys all the sonic subtleties.

3D Sony TVs can be connected to the web, and this significantly enhances the ability of the user. In online – movie theater you can choose both 2D and 3D movies. Moreover, you can find a good game on the network and use the image conversion function.

All “blue screens” series KDL-HX 753, KDL-HX 853, KDL HX nine hundred and fifty-three are equipped with a digital tuner DVB-T2, which can not be said about the TV series KDL NX 720, KDL EX seven hundred and twenty and KDL HX920, which can boast only the presence of a built-in digital tuner DVB-T. DVB-T2 – a new standard for digital terrestrial broadcasting, which is now being intensively implemented in Russia. Full transition to digital television in our country is planned for two thousand fifteen years. Then the owners of television sets with a DVB-T tuner or TV sets without a digital tuner at all to receive terrestrial digital signals will have to take a special set-top box . Thus TVs with integrated DVB-T2 tuner have some advantage over TVs with integrated DVB-T tuner.

The difference of 3D TVs Sony.

While all 3D TVs have much in common, each series is unique in its own way. Learn more about each, starting with the least feature-rich.

More reasonable in terms of value for money – Sony 3D TV series KDL-EX720 and KDL-NX720. Eye-friendly EDGE LED backlighting, high screen resolution, integrated big sound system S-FORCE, four HDMI inputs, Motionflow XR two hundred – this is what connects these two series and contributes to the highest enjoyment of their use. Perhaps the KDL-NX720 has not a bad advantage over the KDL-EX720, because the TVs in this series have a panel OptiContrast and Gorilla Glass.

Carrying out a review of 3D TVs Sony from simple to complex, then follow series, more versatile than previous series. This is a series of TVs KDL EX 753. It differs from the previous versions, it has an improved system to improve the motion display Motionflow XR 400.

Not a bad advantage over its predecessors possess a series of TVs KDL-HX853. In the TVs of this series uses a type of dimming Local Dimming. Local Dimming is again designed to increase image contrast through local dimming of the panel area.

All of the functionality surpassed the latest series of KDL HX920, KDL HX 953. To begin with, these series televisions are equipped with cutting-edge technology backlight Intelligent Peak LED. The new design of backlighting features the presence of an even greater number of white LEDs and the ability to illuminate certain areas of the image. With this approach, the image on the display is even more contrast and comfortable for the eyes. Moreover, the TV series uses a new system to improve the motion display Motionflow XR 800. With Motionflow XR eight hundred system, eight hundred dynamic scenes are obtained smoothly and crisply. Thanks to this technical innovation, viewing pleasure increases many times over. Indescribably, but the fact is that the TV series KDL NH920, KDL HX nine hundred and fifty-three can increase the resolution of movies with usb, web, and TV shows, etc.д. This became possible with the introduction of X-Reality-Pro, which can analyze the quality of display and make it better contrast, sharpness, sharpness, bringing it to HD. The screens of TV-receivers are мейд of glass with an increased resistance to scratches Gorilla Glass. Even their special OptiContrast panel. The panel is capable of absorbing light from whichever source in the room, which naturally affects the quality of viewing content. This is the only series from all described, which are equipped with two pairs of innovative 3D glasses.

Even the most common 3D TV Sony owns amazing picture quality. The user will be long to rejoice in the choice of at least one of the televisions depicted here. Advanced technology makes viewing even more comfortable for the eyes, eliminating picture splitting, noise and blinking.

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