Sony Extra Bass

Sony Extra Bass
Sony Extra Bass

The video above features new graphics and performance from a new Sony hardware called Super XL (called after the company’s name for the super low-power, 1TB hard drive, and Super Semiconductor SSD processors in general), and all of the above features are included with the Deluxe Edition Pack. I don’t think this is nearly a bundle for those who simply want more hardware, since the Deluxe Edition includes a separate set of speakers for two. It also doesn’t include the extra controllers, though there’s actually a bundled Super Sonic Controller with the Super Semiconductor USB adapter on the back. Finally, the two headsets look pretty pretty much as it stands right now. If you’re looking for a bundle of games of your own style with no bells and whistles I’d call it a lucky, low-cost one for those looking to get their hands on something a little more affordable.

And though Sony is touting performance, it makes no mention of the extra controllers, including the Super Sonic controller; the Super Semiconductor USB controller is not included in the bundle. So I’ve actually really enjoyed the PlayStation 4’s software, so be careful not to leave it out.

Sony Extra Bass from Lullaby – Best American Jazz

By Sam Stapley,

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Sam Stapley

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