Sports, Arts & Outdoors in Uganda

Sports, Arts & Outdoors in Uganda
Sports, Arts & Outdoors in Uganda
Part 1. At the top of world sports or there is only a moment
Part 2. Sport as Music or For Every Wise Man, Enough Simplicity
Part 3. Sports as art or Our whole life is a game
Part 4. Sport as a Product or American Beauty
Part 5. Sport as a business or Catching up and overtaking America
Part 6. Sports as a pill from globalism or Goodbye America, ooo …
Part 7. Sport as development or mind games
Part 8. Two cities-antipodes or Three poplars on Plyushchikha
Part 9. The league flying into space or Houston, we have problems
Part 10. Patriotic Liberal Aristocrats or City Lights
Part 11. Realizing a Dream or How to Steal a Million (Operation S)
Part 12. End of the World 2016 or Requiem for a Dream
Initially, there was an idea to write just a report on a trip to the NBA match Houston Rockets – Golden State Warriors and the final of the AFS New England Patriots against Jacksonville Jaguars, but in the end the text went far beyond a simple report, a lot of offtopic, random thoughts, born on a fertile him to American soil, completely parallel ideas that have nothing to do with specific games, so I decided to devote this post to sports in general, and American in particular, and also to smoothly touch on the topic of today’s Super Bowl, the main sporting event of the year (for at least 350 million people), until which there are only a few hours left.
The games themselves, of course, will also need to be touched, especially since these were completely not ordinary games both in terms of the sign (the match of the NBA leaders and the final of the NFL conference) and in content – they turned out to be absolutely gorgeous, with beautiful moments, intrigue, clutch, a lot of emotions and incredibly wound up to the limit stands, well, and many stars both on the site / field itself, and near them.

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